Artist Statement

There are three major themes that I investigate: social ideology, modernity and mass media. My research always has a critical motive, but it can develop itself in a more humorous or cynical undertone. My interest lies in the development of progress and whether this actually is progress. I think we live in a very interesting time which constantly steers us toward consumption and materialism. More power, more wealth and wanting to live a picture-perfect life. The sky is the limit, but is this really the case? We are controlled and shaped by algorithms and (social) media. What influence does this have on our choices and our perception?

I translate my research through various media such as installation, audio, mixed media, drawings, publications, textiles and expressions into text. Because of the different media that I use, there is often a playful and layered exploration in which I look for relationships between the feminine and the masculine (e.g. through stereotypes), the object, language and image.