Have fun darling!

Have fun darling! Was an exhibition I curated together with Daniel Arthuus. The exhibition took place at De Tussentijd in Breda, June 2019.

For the exhibition we wanted to work with the concept that within our practice -which is usually quite serious in nature- there is sometimes also room for humour, absurdity and cynicism. In which banal matters are linked to social or political issues. What is unfortunate is that these works do not always find their way to an exhibition space. But they do form a part of our artistic practice. We invited six artists to join us in the exhibition to create new work or select existing work that fitted within the concept of the exhibition.

Participating artists:

  • Daniel Arthuus
  • Maarten Bel
  • Renée Bus
  • Marc Elisabeth
  • Tiiu Jansen
  • Malou Engbers
  • Nine Postma
  • Josine Vissers

This exhibition is financed by crowdfunding.